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Funding Intractable Epilepsy Prescriptions

Sponsor a child:

A private prescription for Medicinal Cannabis Oil can cost a family between £1,000 and £2,500 a month. Until the NHS agree to allow them as a matter of course, we are looking for 50 sponsors to help a family pay for their child’s prescriptions for a minimum period of 12 months. Please complete the form (name /company name /contact details) and we will contact you within the next 48 hours. Thank you in advance for your help.

General Fund:

We are raising money to help Children pay for Private Medical Cannabis prescriptions. Until the NHS allows these prescriptions as a matter of course, many children in the UK will continue to suffer.  Our Sponsor a Child Scheme will be looking for individual sponsors….. but our general fund will also support these children. Every penny counts in this endeavour, and a one-off contribution or a regular Direct Debit payment will be greatly appreciated.

Nat West Bank A/C 12748412 S/C 01-00-53

Intractable Epilepsy destroys lives, and it is our mission to make these lives better both medically and financially, for the sufferers and their families.

Full Extract Medicinal Cannabis can work where Pharmaceutical treatment has failed, but although legalised in 2018 it is not yet fully available on the NHS.

Assisting with the cost of private prescriptions from Neurologists is one way we can assist the families of these sufferers.

Until such a time when Full Extract Medicinal Cannabis Oil for the treatment of drug resistant epilepsy is available on the NHS, the Charitable Company ‘INTRACTABLE’ will aim to raise funds to pay for Private Prescriptions for those who qualify.

Medicinal Cannabis Oil was legalised in the UK in November 2018.